City councilman calls out Charleston mayor on stance about new hotel ban during "Quintin's Close-Ups" interview

Written on 03/08/2019

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A Charleston City Councilman who also plans to run against Mayor John Tecklenburg questioned the mayor’s motives in an interview published on social media.

Councilman Harry Griffin told independent reporter Quintin Washington he is ashamed at what he calls unethical decisions at city hall. Griffin made the remarks on Washington’s “Quintin’s Close-Ups” series on YouTube.

“I think that somebody who is going to run to the media and talk about all these moratoriums, these hotel moratoriums, but takes thousands and thousands of dollars from developers for campaigns, I think that’s wrong,” Griffin said.

Tecklenburg’s campaign disclosures from the State Ethics Commission shows the mayor has just more than $268,000 on hand with donations ranging form pastors to real estate agents to attorneys.

On Monday, Tecklenburg said he was going to bring forth a proposal to stop the development of hotels on the Charleston peninsula for a set amount of time. This would be the fourth time Tecklenburg said he will put the idea in front of city council.

In the past, the proposed moratoriums have been denied.

Griffin plans to run against Tecklenburg in the 2019 Charleston mayoral election. He just recently filed a campaign disclosure last week and currently has no funds listed in the campaign account.

When Griffin ran for city council in 2017, he accepted money from a tour owner, a SCANA employee and someone in property management and sales.

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